Abstractions (and the art of recovering from mistakes)

These images were either taken in a deliberately abstract manner or post processing was applied to extract an abstract essence from an existing image. This is often a tiny element of an image taken for its color and form. Some items were the result of creative use of PhotoPlus X5 on some rather distraught negatives that I have rescued and scanned.

This is "Worcester 1". It was taken in Worcester MA near the intersection of Foster and Commercial streets. The image has been color separated and simplified.

Worcester Abstract

Somewhere in Luton (Bedfordshire, England). Taken when I was about 16 on some old, no-name camera. I recently recovered the negative and scanned it.

Luton Abstract

This is "Art In The Park - 2009, Extract". On a very hot day in 2009 I had gone to visit the Worcester Art In The Park display. I was not terribly excited by most of the exhibits but took some shots before going off to the nearby Highland Street to photograph some rubbish and lightly wrecked phone boxes. When I began playing with the images later I extracted this from a much larger image

Metal Sculpture

From Art in the Park, 2010. This was tall wood framed sculpture photographed from the bottom and very heavily tweaked using the Curves function in PhotoPlus.

Wooden Sculpture

This is an image extracted from a larger photograph (a recovered negative) taken at a Peace Rally in Worcester in approximately 1982. I added a little extra texture using an add-on filter.

Peace Rally

"Amsterdam, Purple". This was taken in Amsterdam in about 1978. The original negative had suffered very badly from being stored in a "protective" sleeve to which it had become glued. I immersed it for several days in water and managed (mostly) to remove the sleeve. Unfortunately various marks remained on the negative. In addition damage had occurred to the color. So I decided to emphasise the color changes and water damage for the final image. Enjoy!

Amsterdam, Purple

This is from the same negative set as above. I think it is a very out of focus shot taken on an Amsterdam canal on a very misty day.

Amsterdam, Blue

This is "Pipes". I took it near a rather sleazy 24 hour bar called The KasBar on Route 20 in Massachusetts.


"Knee". I had scanned some old black and white negatives and was checking them for scratches and other marks, section by section. This image filled the screen so I cut it out, colored it and here we are. The knees belong to a girl called Margaret Fell-Smith


This was taken behind my bank in Auburn MA while waiting for the drive-in counter. It is titled "Pipe and Lathe"

Pipe and Lathe

"Vortex" - I slipped while photographing a spiral staircase in a house on Castle Street, Worcester, MA. This is a slightly tweaked version of the image I took by mistake.

"Stoplight" a much color-shifted image taken in downtown Worcester.


"Store Front"

Store Front

This was scanned from a color negative taken in Worcester in about 1990. It is a parking garage. I post processed the image using a pen and watercolor filter.

Parking Garage

This is "Tammany Hall, Pleasant Street, Worcester". A bar in a nearby town. A friend lives in one of the apartments above the bar. The image has beem color saturated slightly and contrast intensified.

Tammany Hall

"Sunlight On Wood". An empty room in early morning sunlight photographed at the Northeast Trade Center.

Sunlight On Wood

I was stopped at a traffic signal on the way home from work when I noticed a van stopped next to me. This is the result.

Van Detail

"Curve". This was taken at the UMass Walk to cure Cancer 2010. no changes have been made just a little cropping.


"Tent Shadow - Libya 1978". Another recovered negative. This time taken in Libya in about 1978. There has been a color shift in the image. The only post processing was a little sharpening and added contrast.

My friend, the poet Rick Alley, wrote this to accompany this image


It's tiresome to talk of ghosts.
The listener, politely, yawns.
Some ghosts are holy.
Some are simply smells-- an apple-whiff in cold rooms long after your mother's gone.
Are you grown?
Did you possess a toy you used to love?
If so that toy's a . . . .
the polite listener falls asleep, of course, a sort of ghost.

Tent Shadow - Libya 1978

Another image extracted from a shot taken at the Art In The Park exhibition in 2009.

Wood Art, Detail

"TJ's - The Cage". A supersaturated image of the storage cage behind Trader Joe's in Shrewsbury MA.

TJ's - The Cage

"Bench Detail". Taken in Sturbridge MA.

Bench Detail

"Gould's Maple Sugarhouse - Detail". Taken during a leaf trip in 2008. Gould's is located on the Mohawk Trail in Shelburne, MA. This is part of the huge woodpile used to fire the sugar kettles.

Gould's Maple Sugarhouse - Detail