Cape Cod

The following images were taken on Cape Cod in Massachusetts where my wife and I try and get to, usually during the off season when the place is not teeming with visitors. I like the loneliness and isolation of winter.

"Beach with Bench". Taken on Race Point, Cape Cod

A Beach on Sunday

"Beach Grass" also taken on Race Point on a bright, early spring day.

Beach Grass

"Kettle Pond with Tree". A tree overhanging a kettle pond at the end of Cape Cod. I like the somewhat Japanese appearance. A Japanse visitor at a recent art show I had at Trader Joe's offered to write a haiku down the right hand side of the photo. I felt honored.

Kettle Pond, Cape Cod

This is the salt marsh at Eastham on the Cape.

Salt Marsh, Eastham, Cape Cod

I like to show figures in a landscape. The space around them seems to better define them somehow.

This is "Old Coastguard Beach: Solitary Woman 1"

Solitary Woman, Old Coastguard Beach

And this is "Old Coastguard Beach: Two Figures"

Two Figures on a Beach