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I am somebody whose worldview is thankfully free of belief in supernatural or mystical forces and entities. I proudly proclaim myself to be a Bright. To find out more check out this link.

Misha Nogha is a recent friend. She is a published poet and science fiction writer and also an accomplished musician. She and her husband farm in Oregon and raise Norwegian Fyord horses.

Misha Nogha

Dina Godzik is a friend and work colleague who specializes in people photography

Dina Godzik

Scott Erb is a friend who runs ERB Photography. He, and his wife Donna Duffault specialize in small product photography, as well as editorial and commercial portraiture.

Jeff Baker is a friend who owns Visions by Baker. Jeff is a photographer of people and the life events we share. He specializes in weddings, family and model portraiture

Visions by Baker

Lisa Joy Merrill Photography Lisa is someone I met at a networking group. I took a look at her web site and liked what I saw.

Joan Ross is someone that I met at a business networking. I was impressed by her body of work.

Boston Photographer - Joan Ross PhotographyWeddings, Portraits, Special Events, Commercial, Fine Arts

I am also a member of the Worcester Photography Meetup Group