Miscellaneous Images

The following are images that do not fit into any particular category but tend to fit into a growing tendency towards minimalism and abstraction. Or they are just a little off kilter!

This is "Cables 2". It is the first image of a series I plan on cables. I was struck when I first came to the USA by the number of cables - telephone, electric etc that lined the highways. In Europe most cabling is underground. I like the abstract patterns created by the shadows they cast. This was taken in Provincetown on Cape Cod. I added grain and reduced the color to a near black and white image.


This is "A Causeway in Provincetown". It was taken on a Cape Cod beach and is a recovered negative. I attempted to reproduce the effect of early postcards with their slightly grainy, bleached color look..


This is our newest cat, D K Sprocket, lounging on a bedroom window sill. Another image in my drift towards abstraction.

Cat and Window Blind

This was taken on the deck of Alice Brock's house in Provincetown. It is titled "Empty Cross with Bird Nests". It is a digital image converted to a color negative with edge enhancement.

Empty Cross with Bird Houses

This is an extreme closeup of the dumpster behind our store in Auburn, MA. Abstraction again and a mild flirtation with the fad of photographing rust. A comment on the times we live in?

Hole in Dumpster

Alice Brock's kitchen in Provincetown, Cape Cod. The "Empty Cross with Bird Houses" can be seen in the background, far right.

Alice Brock's Kitchen

This a shot of glassware taken with a stained glass background. Shot on 35mm film at the Land's End Inn in Provincetown.

Stained Glass Abstract

A small deck on the Tower Suite of the Land's End Inn in Provincetown, Cape Cod. I think that this is the second highest location in the town after the Pilgrims Tower. This shot was taken in the early morning.

Land's End Inn - Deck

A sunlit leaf taken in our living room.

Leaf Abstract

"Early Morning Tide". Taken in Provincetown. I like the three contrasting texures.

Morning Tide

Taken at Alice Brock's in Provincetown. I like the deep shadows and slash of red.

Alice Brock's Living Room

One of the workshops at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.

Mystic Seaport, a Workshop

This image, "The Essential Evil of Pumpkins" was taken during a Fall leaf trip on the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts in 1995. It was scanned from an original 35mm negative.

The Essential Evil of Pumpkins

"Sand Line". Taken looking down from the deck of Alice Brock's house in Provincetown.

Sand Line

"The Hinge At The End Of The Universe". The hinged stairs on a deck in Provincetown.

The Hinge at the End of the Universe

"View Through A Car". Taken on Lake Avenue in Worcester, MA when I was stopped to photograph flags.

View Through a Car