The Neck Project (and ancillary body parts)

I have noted elsewhere that I rarely photograph people, although I discovered many images of people in my old negatives. I have decided therefore to overcome this issue by concentrating on one aspect of the human anatomy, the neck. Thusfar I have mostly been extracting necks from existing images and added a few recent images.

For the most part the images are somewhat abstract. I found that adding additional grain created the impression of sand dunes (and also covered up inadequacies in the originals!)

An image from an old photo (I was about 17) of a girl whose name was, I think, Valerie.


This was from another negative taken when I first went to university in London.

Neck 3

Keith Ellison, also seen full face on another page.

Keith Ellison's Neck

Increasingly abstract.

Neck Abstract 1

This also.

Neck Abstract 2

At last a recent digital image. Taken at the Walk to Cure Cancer, UMass Hospital 2008.

Neck, Walk to Cure Cancer

Another extract from a black and white negative.

Neck Abstract 3

Liz Smith. From a color negative.

Liz Smith



Randy. A friend.


Vicki McCool

Vicki McCool