Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

My wife, Elaine, and I like the atmosphere of Provincetown. It is just a fun, let it all hang out place. for more information check out:

I took this on Commercial Street looking through to the harbor. A friend thought that it might be a coffin. Probably not.

Dock, Provincetown Harbor

This is the first image to which I applied other than basic corrections for contrast and brightness (using PhotoPlus X5 from Serif). I went a little insane using, as I recall, posterization and color corrections.

Seated Figure, Store, Provincetown

This is the Provincetown harbor at morning lowtide

Red Ball on Beach, Provincetown

This is the Pilgrims Tower taken from a whale watch boat

Pilgrims Tower, Provincetown

This image was taken by hanging over the top of the stairwell of the Pigrims Monument photographing straight down the well. I added some texturing and coloring to get this surreal effect.

The Pilgrims Tower, Provincetown

This image was taken in Alice Brock's house on Commercial Street. It was taken at mid-morning as the sun streamed in from over the sea. I like the contast of the bright slash of red and the dense green foliage. This image has only had minor cropping applied.

Red Room with Plant

This image was taken, I believe, from the deck of Alice Brock's house on commercial Street. It was taken at mid-morning into the sun. Only had minor cropping has been applied.

Fishermans pier