The Water and Ice Project

I grew up in the Chilterns area of the South Midlands in England. This is an area mostly of chalk. Chalk is porous and therefore there were no large areas of water to be found. I later spent several years in Libya, a largely desert area. Again, not exactly known for abundant water. Now I live in New England where there are abundant lakes and ponds. In fact I live very near a large pond (lake in English terms). This has increased my fascination in water in all its forms. These are a few images accumulated over the years. Enjoy.

This is "Seascape". I took it when I was about sixteen from a ferry crossing from England to Belgium. I like the contrast between the two elements , air and water. The same duality seemed to reemerge in later digital work


From my newly rediscovered file of black and white and color negatives. It is titled "Rachel on a Promontory in Spain"

Rachel on a Promentary, Spain

I took this one summer morning on the way back from the trash recycling plant in Millbury. An old man was doing some early morning fishing so I grabbed my camera and stopped to chat for a while. The filtering was added later.

Grass in a Pond

This was taken at the same time as the one above. It is called "Fishing Rods".

Fishing Rods

A somewhat traditional image of a canal in Amsterdam, though shot into the light. Taken in 2001. There are a couple of older images from a previous visit to Amsterdam in the Abstract Photographs page.

A Canal in Amsterdam, near the Flea Market

An image titled "The Hinge at the End of the Universe" It seemed right somehow.... This is derived from a color digital shot. I have another version with enhanced, over sharpened colors.

The Hinge at the End of the Universe

"Kettle Pond with Tree". A tree overhanging a kettle pond at the end of Cape Cod. I like the somewhat Japanese appearance. A Japanse visitor at a recent art show offered to write a haiku down the right hand side of the photo. I felt honored.

Kettle Pond, Cape Cod

This was taken near the image from above. I filtered the image to give the effect of snow on the ground.

Kettle Pond, Cape Cod with Snow Effect

A color image converted to black and white. Taken at the Art In The Park exhibition in Elm Park, Worcester, MA in August 2009. Most of the art bored me! Afterwards I left to photograph trash and old storefronts on Highland Street.

Elm Park Pond, August 2009.

Odd stuff hangs from the trees in our yard. This is one of a set of globes that absorb sunlight and glow gently in the dark. The tinting was added in PhotoPlus using Harry's filters.

Glass Globe with Snow

A shot taken, I think, in Spain in the late Sixties. The negative was very messed up and faded so I added a little grain and color correction to disguise the effects of time. A pity it doesn't work on people so well!

Coast in Spain

Taken during a trip to New York with a friend, Bunny Eggert, in the late Eighties. This is Central Park.

Central Park, New York

An extremely antique image from a badly scratched negative. I must have taken it when very young. I tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to hide the damage then resorted to adding grain and texture in post-processing.

Old recovered negative of an English Beach

Taken from the back door after a snow storm.

The back steps of our house after a snow storm

This is the salt marsh at Eastham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Salt Marsh, Eastham, Cape Cod

Taken through one of the kitchen windows. The bluish tint was emphasised later.

Taken through the kitchen wimdow on a particularly cold morning

"Painting with Water", A spillway on pond in Millbury, near where I live. A lot of saturation and other color processing was added

A spillway on pond in Millbury

"A Land Drenched in Blood" taken near the spillway above.

A Land Drenched in Blood

And this is "Old Coastguard Beach: Two Figures"

Two Figures on a Beach

"Early Morning Tide". Taken in Provincetown. I like the three contrasting texures.

Morning Tide

"Sand Line". Taken looking down from the deck of Alice Brock's house in Provincetown.

Sand Line

This is the Provincetown harbor at morning lowtide

Red Ball on Beach, Provincetown